What is it?

An Industry-grade ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect it from external paint damage. Applied by hand, it flawlessly blends with the paint of your vehicle and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection.

Our Packages


Gtechniq EXO

The BRONZE LEVEL package, featuring Gtechniq EXO Lite, provides exceptional value as an entry point into Permanent Ceramic Coating solutions. This package guarantees a year of hydrophobic performance, making it an ideal choice for those new to ceramic coatings.


  • 1 layer of Gtechniq EXO on all painted body surfaces
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq EXO on Wheel Faces
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Glass on all windows and glass

Starting at $899+

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Gtechniq Serum Light

The SILVER LEVEL package, showcasing the Gtechniq Serum Light Paint, signifies a significant step up from traditional waxing methods. Especially popular for new vehicles, whether leased or purchased, this package offers a solid 5-Year Guarantee, positioning it as our premier choice for vehicle protection.


  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Serum Light on all painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Serum Light on Wheels & Calipers
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Serum Light Glass on all windows

Starting at $1,499+

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Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

The GOLD LEVEL package, featuring Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra, is our ultimate auto paint protection solution. With a robust 9-year warranty, it provides your vehicle with exceptional hydrophobic properties and enhanced scratch resistance, ensuring easy maintenance and enduring protection.


  • Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra applied to all painted exterior surfaces
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra on Wheels & Calipers
  • 1 layer of Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra Glass on all windows

Starting at $1,999+

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    Experience less upkeep while your vehicle stays looking clean longer with the hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties..


    Provides resistance to minor scratches, chemical etching and staining.


    Embedded with hydrophobic abilities allowing water to bead off the paint seamlessly while creating a freshly waxed look that's made to last.

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Protects Against

Harmful UV Rays, Dirt, Swirl & Scratch Resistant.

Hydrophobic Abilities

Allows Water To Effortlessly Bead Off The Paint Making The Wash Process That Much Easier.

Ultimate Long-Lasting Protection

Say Goodbye To Wax That Only Lasts a Few Washes...Our Advanced Ceramic Coatings Provide 3-5 Year Paint Protection.

Paint Enhancement

Creates an Ultra-Durable High Gloss Chemical Bonding Layer That Enhances The Vehicle's Paint Creating Shine And Gloss Making The Paint Silk To The Touch.

  • How is the coating applied?

    Coating are carefully applied by certified applicator’s as a liquid one panel at a time covering the exterior painted surfaces. The paintwork is firstly decontaminated and prepared to ensure the coating achieves a good bond to the paintwork.

  • Why Ceramic Coating?

    It’s a good investment to permanently protect the exterior from deteriorating prematurely and maintain a higher resale value. Less maintenance due to the slickness of the coating won’t allow dirt, brake dust and road tar to stick to your paint, wheels or glass nearly as much making cleaning your vehicle a much more enjoyable and effortless process. Not to mention you will see ultimate gloss and colour depth not comparable to anything else. Properly maintained vehicles will shine like new for many years to come.

  • Is there anything I need to avoid while washing?

    Avoid roller brush car washes and wiping your car clean when it’s dry. Always have a lubricant and clean microfiber or wash mitt.