Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is a Self Healing Thermoplastic Urethane Film That is Applied To The Vehicle For Ultimate Paint Protection. Think of It As A Screen Protector For Your Phone...Except For Your Car.



Water Repellent

Auto Recovery

Self Healing Abilities

Anti-Waterspot / Anti- Acid


Puncture Resistant

Our PPF's advanced techonolgy protects the paint with it's self healing capability to heal any minor damage.

PPF Packages:

Full Front Package

Entire Hood & Fenders, Front Bumper & Side Mirrors.

Starting at $2,200

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Track Package

Entire Hood & Fenders, Front Bumper, Rocker Panels, Pillars & Side Mirrors.

Starting $3,200

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Full Car Package

Entire Hood & Fenders, Pilars, Side Mirrors, Trunk, Quarter Panels, Full Rear & Front Bumper, Rocker Panels, & Doors.

Starting $6,000

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Paint Protection Film vs. No Protection

  • Does PPF damage the original paint?

    As long as the film is removed by a qualified professional, it does not damage the paint.

  • Is there a warranty included?

    Yes, our Paint Protection Film comes with a 10-year warranty. The warranty covers cracking, yellowing, fading or any issues related to manufacturing defects for 10 years from installation date.

  • How long does Paint Protection Film last & can it be removed?

    Most people will typically remove PPF 7-10 years after the initial installation. The film can last 10+ years but this is greatly dependent on vehicle use and care. On the other end, some people who do track their vehicle may want to remove film after 2-5 years, not because the film is bad but the surface will get beat up and not be as aesthetically pleasing.

  • How much does Paint Protection Film cost?

    The cost can range greatly based on coverage options and the difficulty of the install. This could be as low as $100 for something like headlight coverage and all the way up to $8,000 for a full body paint protection film.